How To Shoot Epic GoPro Time Lapse (Night Lapse) Videos

A GoPro camera is best suited for taking action shots, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for recording videos with low light conditions like during nighttime. In fact, when the Hero 4 was launched, it also came with features that allow the user to record videos and snap photos amidst the evening sky. Hence, making the GoPro devices even more popular than before.

And if you want to make use of your GoPro camera to record nighttime videos, then this article is for you.

Read more as we are going to share 5 tips on how to shoot epic GoPro time lapse (night lapse) videos in today’s guide.

Is It Necessary To Have A Newer GoPro Camera?

The good thing about newer GoPro models is that they come with night mode capabilities, particularly with the Hero 8 Black, which has improved immensely in terms of shooting quality and better features.

But the thing is, you don’t have to own the latest GoPro model just to shoot quality night videos. So as long as you have the Hero 4 (because it has a nigh setting), Hero 5, or newer devices, then you’re all set.

Tips In Making Superb GoPro Night Lapse Videos

Here are some things to consider if you want to make epic GoPro time lapse (night lapse) videos:

1. Set At Lower Frame Rate – When recording videos at night, it’s recommended to set the GoPro device at a low frame rate to give time for the camera to capture light. Likewise, this allows you to take overly bright footage, which is easier to edit than to enhance or brighten dark footage.

2. Use A Light Source Every Time You Take Photos – It’s always recommended to include a light source whenever taking photos with your GoPro camera so you can keep the ISO low and avoid grainy and overexposed pictures.

And if you are going to take pictures in an urban backdrop, make use of the light pollution to produce stunning photos while also including lit-up bridges, buildings, and street lamps.

3. Choose The Correct ISO Settings – Shooting during nighttime is different since you have to manually configure the ISO to the correct settings first.

For taking photos or videos with less light pollution or recording the night sky, it’s recommended to set the ISO at 800. Or you can also take test shots first with the ISO set at the lowest setting. Then, gradually increase the settings until you get the perfect image.

4. Use Protune Flat – This color mode is suitable for night shooting since it enables you to fix incorrect exposure or reduce grain during editing and capture detailed highlights and shadows if you leave the photos or videos unedited.

5. Take Practice Shots – And for the last tip in producing epic GoPro Time Lapse videos, you also need to take practice shots first, especially if you are a novice at recording night videos. This way, you’ll be able to check if your test shots are too blurry, dark, or grainy and make the necessary adjustments to arrive at the best setting.

Once you have determined the best GoPro time lapse settings, then it will be easier for you to shoot sunset videos in the future.

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