Nose Surgery Near Me – How to Prepare For the Procedure

When you decide to have a nose job in Portland OR, you are taking a big step in the right direction towards a better, more confident you. The nose is one of the most attractive features on your face, and there is something about having one that just draws the eye. You may feel as though your nose is too “clean,” or too small, or perhaps too long. Whatever the reason, getting rhinoplasty surgery near meadow is an excellent way to help you regain your confidence and your nose will look a whole lot better than it did before.

If you’re thinking of having a nose job in Portland OR, then there are several options for where you can go for your cosmetic surgery. Portland is home to Dr William Portuese, an acclaimed nose surgeon who performs surgeries like the “whole face” or “botox” treatments in the state of Oregon. Dr William Portuese has performed these advanced procedures on patients across the country and continues to be a favorite choice among plastic surgeons. He is also considered to be one of the best “non-surgical” specialists in the country and you’ll likely feel right at home as he treats you during your surgery, know more.

If you’re thinking about Portland OR as a possible surgery site, there are a few things that you can do to prepare yourself for your upcoming procedure. First of all, be sure that you’ve undergone any facial surgeries in the past that involve this area (i.e. fillers, injections, etc.) This will help ensure that your swelling isn’t too large after surgery, which can cause post-surgical discomfort.

Next, you’ll want to make sure that your face is free and clear of mucus. This mucus can keep a post-surgical nose from drying out properly, so it’s important to wipe it down with a clean towel right after surgery. While you’re in the recovery room, make sure you get some bed rest. It’s not unusual for a patient to stay in the hospital up to a week or more after their nose surgery near Madow. You’ll probably be given pain medication, but most people don’t need to stay at the hospital long. Generally, within a day or two you should be back to normal.

If there is pain after your surgery near Madow, then there is also a good chance that the stitches may come loose. They’re very strong, so don’t think that you can “make them stick”. The wound around your nose may become irritated if you stay in the hospital for a week or so. It’s important to report this to your plastic surgeon as soon as possible, as not healing will prevent your nose surgery near Madow from working properly. However, rest and pain medication should solve the problem.

For more information about rhinoplasty in Portland Oregon visit The Portland Rhinoplasty Center and talk to board certified facial plastic surgeon Dr William Portuese.

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