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  • Linda Biggs (Saturday, May 23 15 04:29 pm BST)

    Hi there Si, glad to see a pro using Sony! I've been looking to swap my own Sony to a Canon or a Nikon, but after being inspired by your shots I might not bother now :-D

  • Paul Gilmour (Monday, May 18 15 02:22 pm BST)

    Hi Si, Keep up the great work ! Great photography on your website. I particularly like the church interiors. Should be a great project even for ARPS.

    Paul Gilmour LRPS

  • Heather Parker (Wednesday, October 15 14 01:06 pm BST)

    Hello Simon (Si) My name is Heather & I bumped into you at St.Mary's in Thatcham. We had a wonderful chat, about life. What beautiful pictures you are able to take. Really lovely. Very impressed. Great to meet you. Xx

  • Jimmy (Sunday, January 26 14 02:32 am GMT)

    Hello Simon,
    I want to thank you for your blog, I came across it when searching for reviews of the NYIP, and from reading your blog I will be taking that step.

  • Mike (Thursday, January 09 14 10:01 pm GMT)

    Well thought out website, Si, with some great images. Like it. :)

  • Ralf (Thursday, January 09 14 06:23 pm GMT)

    Great work and web page.

  • Jason (Thursday, January 09 14 01:11 pm GMT)

    Very nice site Si! Keep up the great work. Very inspirational to keep my going with my NYIP studies as well.

  • Simon (Thursday, January 09 14 02:20 am GMT)

    Hi there. I must say that I am extremely impressed by your monochrome street photography!

    Of course all your work is fabulous. Just that I was blown away by some of these candid studies.

    Keep up the great work.


  • Robin Chun (Wednesday, January 08 14 10:36 pm GMT)

    Very nice Si..lots of words and pages, certainly won't bored here, and of course some wonderful images!

  • Radhakrishnan 'Ranjit' Subramaniam (Friday, October 04 13 07:15 am BST)

    A wonderful website, Si! It has a very clean, uncluttered design with lots of interesting stories. Keep up the good work.

  • Simon Scott LRPS (Sunday, September 01 13 11:52 pm BST)

    Great pictures and sense of humour!.

    Well constructed webbie.

    Many thanks.

  • Ohh (Tuesday, May 28 13 05:34 pm BST)

    I love it

  • Gene (Tuesday, April 23 13 09:38 pm BST)

    Great website Simon. Every detail reflects quality and care.

  • G J (Saturday, April 20 13 08:15 pm BST)

    Very nice photos Simon, just browsing the web and came across your website.
    Love the reflection shot in the water Mirror.

  • Nige Hutchison (Saturday, March 30 13 11:35 am GMT)

    Nice to talk to you in Polppero Si, photos are very good, good luck in your chosen path of photography,all the best.

    Nige Hutchison Photography.

  • Cameron (Wednesday, March 20 13 08:38 pm GMT)

    Your very talented Simon, love the churches and the wildlife shots, especially the reflection.. keep it up mate :)

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